Desktop Publishing

Usually formatting of the translated text is required to be as close to the original as possible. Our team includes translators, editors and designers who will assure your documents are ready for publication.

We perform formatting, graphic design and will recommend the right DTP service to meet your needs so the page layout appears as if it had been created within the target country. All you need to do is to give us detailed instructions or simply show us the original layout. The rest will be done by our multilingual team. We will not only incorporate the text and images on the page, but we will adjust kerning and leading. Incorporating fonts to look like the original ones, and advise the images that will best match the local market.

Our highly skilled designers also prepare documents for the translators and perform DTP in compliance with Section 508. They use the latest versions of Adobe graphic processing products. Our quality control team will meticulously check every page before it is delivered to you, our customer.

DTP services are charged depending on the complication of the work. We do our best to meet every budget. We always put an equal amount of time and effort into every project regardless.