The main idea of localisation is to adapt your product to the target market and to overcome the cultural barriers. We are very happy to localise your software, website or user interface as we have significant expertise in this area.

We are able to perform localisation of your product both whilst it is being developed and after it is finalised. This will help your company to conquer any new market that you are targeting.

We also create terminology glossaries in order to assure consistency in the future, should you need further localisation.

The website localisation support services provided by our team include:

  • Localisation of text content of active websites and websites under development. This helps to ensure that the content is translated correctly both linguistically and culturally depending on the target country and region.
  • Continuing website language support. Our linguists will help to constantly update your website according to the changes to your company.
  • Localisation of graphic content of active websites and websites under development. Pictures, like symbols, could cause a big problem in localisation. Western symbols and pictures can have completely different meanings for different nations, sometimes unknowingly bearing negative connotation. They need to, and should be reviewed and adjusted if required.
  • Translation of the hidden website elements (captions, descriptions, keywords). This will help your company to appear on the first pages of search engine machine results (SEO optimisation).

Apart from website localisation we would be happy to assist with software applications, desktop-publishing and multimedia localisation.